• Global Operations

    Located in China, Australia, North America and Europe, our talented team of Business Managers have a wealth of experience in: • developing new business • design and innovation • product development • client management and support • marketing programs • retailing To discuss a potential working partnership with Garth, contact us now.
  • Experienced Management

    With management operations firmly established in China, our Australian CEO brings more than three decades of experience in production, customisation and design of outdoor leisure products, and works closely with our manufacturing plants to ensure the highest quality. Our global management team bring knowledge and expertise from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds. Their combined experience provides clarity and confidence in developing new products or opening new market opportunities for our company and our customers. To discuss a potential working partnership with Garth, contact us now.
  • Innovation

    The key to our success is our innovation. Our team travels to all corners of the globe, researching outdoor living trends in all types of climates and conditions. With innovative technology that includes instant ignition, effortless cleaning and even non-rusting screws, we are continually improving our designs and developing new technology that continue to make our products unique. To find out more about how Garth technology can innovate your product lines, contact us now.
  • Customisation

    We are able to customise and develop products for specific markets. We work closely with retailers and distributors to enhance existing product suites or create new product ranges. We customise in the following areas: • two to six-burner models • cast iron or stainless steel burners • stainless steel or high-gloss powder coat finishes • enclosed or glass hood • side and/or rear burners • stainless steel and cast iron cooking surfaces • high gloss or matt enamel cast iron hotplates or grills To learn about how Garth products can be customised to suit your market and customer’s needs, contact us now.
  • Media & Point of Sale

    We offer a comprehensive suite of marketing and POS materials, from swing tags and product stickers, to full colour brochures and tent cards. Our marketing team can tailor materials for your branding needs. We can also create QR codes to direct customers to demonstration videos and/or product information. To find out more about how Garth point of sale and marketing support can work with your product ranges, contact us now.